The tutorials below show how you can use The Geochemist's Workbench to quickly solve a variety of problems in geochemistry. Click on an image to launch the corresponding tutorial.

If you have installed the GWB software, click on the icon shown underneath each diagram to open the app pre-configured to calculate the diagram shown. (If two or more GWB icons appear, save all files to your desktop, then double-click on the first.)

Be sure to check out as well our collection of YouTube videos of the techniques shown in the tutorials below.

An expanded set of tutorials covering Reaction Path Modeling and Reactive Transport Modeling are available on the main GWB website.

Tour of GWB
Tour of GWB Essentials GWB Essentials   
Tour of GWB Standard GWB Standard   
Tour of GWB Professional GWB Professional   
Using GWB
How do I download the free GWB Student Edition? Geochemist's Workbench free download   
How do I use the GWB Student Forum? Student forum   
How do I use the GWB Dashboard? GWB dashboard   
How do I use drag-and-drop? Drag-and-drop   
How do I import scatter data? Scatter data   
How do I use Gtplot? Gtplot   
How do I view my command history? Command history   
How do I use spelling completion? Spelling completion   
How do I overlay my diagrams? Overlay diagrams   
How do I suppress the formation of certain minerals, species, or gases? Suppress species   
How do I temporarily alter equilibrium constants? Alter log Ks   
How do I manage my results files? Manage results files   
How do I retrieve numerical data from my plots? Export numerical data   
How do I export plots and save images? Export plots   
How do I make a Piper diagram? Piper diagram    Launch GSS  
How do I make a solubility diagram? Solubility diagram    Act2  
How do I make an Eh-pH diagram? Eh-pH diagram    Launch Act2  
How do I plot multiple samples? Multi-sample plots    Launch GSS  
How do I make a Ternary diagram? Ternary diagram    Launch GSS  
How do I make a Durov diagram? Durov diagram    Launch GSS  
How do I make a Schoeller diagram? Schoeller diagram    Launch GSS  
How do I make a Stiff diagram? Stiff diagram    Launch GSS  
How do I make a Radial plot? Radial plot    Launch GSS  
How do I make a bar chart? Bar chart (ion balance)    Launch GSS  
How do I make a pie chart? Pie chart (ion balance)    Launch GSS  
How do I make a mosaic diagram? Mosaic diagram    Act2  
How do I make a temperature-fugacity ratio diagram? Temperatue-fugacity ratio diagram    Tact  
How do I make an XY plot? Cross plots    Launch GSS  
How do I plot error bars on my data? Error bars    GSS  
How do I make a fugacity-pH diagram? Fugacity-pH diagram    Act2  
Geochemical spreadsheet
How do I mix samples in GSS? Mix samples in GSS   
How do I convert units in GSS? Convert units   
How do I calculate mineral saturation and gas fugacity in GSS? Mineral saturation and gas fugacity   
How do I transfer my data from Excel to GSS? Transfer from Excel to GSS   
How do I make plots from my data in GSS? Plotting from GSS    GSS     
How do I calculate the distribution of species in GSS? Species distribution   
How do I calculate TDS and other fluid properties in GSS? TDS and fluid properties   
How do I flag analyses in GSS? Flag noncompliance   
How do I compare replicates and standards in GSS? Compare replicates and standards   
How do I use undo-redo in GSS? Undo Redo   
How do I launch SpecE8 and React from GSS? Launch SpecE8 and React   
Reaction balancing
How do I balance reactions automatically? Balance reactions    Rxn  
How do I figure the equations for equilibrium lines and points? Equilibrium equation    Rxn  
How do I determine equilibrium temperatures? Equilibrium temperature    Rxn  
How do I calculate equilibrium constants? Equilibrium constants    Rxn  
How do I calculate the free energy change of a reaction? Free energy change    Rxn  
How do I fit equilibrium constants to a temperature polynomial? Temperature Polynomial    Rxn  
How do I find which of a mineral's polymorphs is stable? Polymorphs    Rxn  
Speciation modeling
How do I figure concentrations and activities? Concentration and activity    SpecE8  
How do I determine a fluid's redox state(s)? Redox state    SpecE8  
How do I calculate mineral saturation? Set a fluid in equilibrium with a mineral? Mineral saturation and gas fugacity    SpecE8  
How do I apply the "Pitzer equations" for activity coefficients? Pitzer equations    SpecE8  
How do I account for surface complexation? Sorption    SpecE8  
How do I set concentration in terms of elemental equivalent? Protonated or deprotonated species? Elemental equivalents   
How do I calculate electrical conductivity at elevated temperatures? Electrical conductivity   
Editing thermo
How do I view and edit thermodynamic datasets? Viewing thermo datasets   
How do I add new elements, species, and reactions? Adding elements, species, and reactions   
How do I transfer entries to other datasets? Transfer thermo data entries   
How do I edit Kd, Freundlich, and Langmuir datasets? Kd, Freundlich, and Langmuir isotherms   
How do I edit ion-exchange datasets? Ion-exchange datasets   
How do I edit two-layer datasets? Two-layer datasets   
How do I use basis swaps? Swapping in TEdit   
What's a redox pivot? Redox pivots