Special offers

Special offers

Out With the Old, In With the New — OFFER ENDS SOON!

Paris workshop

Support for our aging friend GWB9 ends December 1, 2017. But, you can save $200 when you upgrade your GWB9 or older license to GWB11 by that date!

GWB11 features an overhauled reactive transport simulator allowing any number of boundary fluids, injection fluids, and reaction intervals. Simulate colloidal transport, chain together kinetic reaction paths, and modify thermo datasets with a graphical editor.

You can display special plots side-by-side, keep all the apps handy with a central dashboard, and much, much more. Plus, GWB11 runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It’s definitely time to upgrade!

Contact us and request “In with the New” and you're up $200. This offer ends December 1.

Discount at upcoming workshops for returning participants!

GWB workshop

We would love to see you again!

Participants in our previous workshops are eligible for a special discount on registration for our upcoming workshops at Taipei, Seoul, and Indianapolis.

This discount may be combined with early registration discount only.