Smart Mix

Program GSS features a Smart Mix wizard that makes all your mixing calculation needs a snap! Watch a short video to see how it works, or scroll down to see the individual steps.

Choose samples

Launch the Smart Mix wizard, then select 2 or more samples from the spreadsheet to mix:

GSS SmartMix

Set constraints

Options for missing data, non-detects, and hidden analytes:

GSS SmartMix

Set proportions

Mix by mass or volume. Use equal proportions or assign weighting individually:

GSS SmartMix

Validate samples

You can check the input sent to SpecE8 for each sample if you'd like:

GSS SmartMix


You can save the mixture as new sample in the spreadsheet. Scale the extent of the mixture if you'd like:

GSS SmartMix

Need to simulate mixing processes?

Use GWB Standard for polythermal mixing, titration and dilution, and flash diagrams. GWB Professional accounts for dispersive mixing in heterogeneous groundwater systems, as well as the effects of injection and production wells.