GWB 11 Professional

I love this new GWB. An X1t script that took 40 minutes to complete on my 12-core desktop now runs in 2.5 minutes. Amazing.

– Karen Johannesson, Tulane University

Race car imageThe Geochemist's Workbench® Release 11 Professional edition is the complete suite of tools to meet every practicing geochemist's needs.

GWB Pro is your choice for reactive transport modeling. One-dimensional and two-dimensional simulations of reactive transport in single and dual-porosity media, including bioreaction and migrating colloids, are a snap. Then animate your results and create video clips with a few clicks.

GWB Pro's advanced algorithms and multithreaded design make it ideal for simulating the fate and transport of contaminants in flowing ground and surface water.

In addition to reactive transport, GWB Pro models kinetic and equilibrium reaction in multicomponent systems, calculates Eh-pH and activity diagrams, and creates a spectrum of specialty plots.You can balance reactions, calculate equilibrium constants, and create powerful geochemical spreadsheets.

New in GWB Release 11
GWB Professional

New features in our latest release include:

  • Set any number of boundary fluids, injected fluids, and reaction intervals.
  • Turn injecting and producing wells on and off, and vary pumping rates with time.
  • Set up recirculation wells.
  • Quick video output to compact frame images.

The image at left shows an X1t run tracing the migration of a contaminant from an irregular source. Click to open a slideshow illustrating GWB11's powerful new reactive transport simulator.

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Mass and heat transport
Mass and heat transport

Programs X1t and X2t model reactive transport in one and two dimensions. The models account for:

  • Advection, dispersion, and diffusion.
  • Uniform or heterogeneous medium properties.
  • Dual porosity (stagnant zone) effects.
  • Heat transfer by advection and conduction.

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Equilbrium and kinetic reactions
Equilibrium and kinetic reactions

X1t and X2t can incorporate any combination of equilibrium and kinetic reactions:

  • Mineral precipitation and dissolution.
  • Gas transfer.
  • Complexation and dissociation.
  • Sorption and desorption.
  • Redox transformation.
  • Catalysis and enzymes.

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Mobile colloids
Mobile colloids

Migrating colloids are a critical vector for transport of radionuclides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. The GWB handles them with ease:

  • Any complexing surface can form a colloid.
  • The colloid and its surface complexes migrate by advection and dispersion.
  • Colloid mobility may vary in time and space, according to a user-supplied function.

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Bioreactive transport
Bioreactive transport

Models can account for reactions catalyzed by microbial activity:

  • Pure culture and mixed communities.
  • Population growth and decay.
  • Thermodynamic effects.

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Dual porosity
Dual porosity

GWB Pro is built from the ground up for dual porosity modeling:

  • Each nodal block divided into free-flowing and stagnant fractions.
  • You specify the geometry and characteristic dimensions of the stagnant zones.
  • The apps account for species diffusion and heat conduction into and out of the stagnant zones.

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Graphics and animation
Graphics and animation

Program Xtplot renders the results of your modeling.

  • Plot any variable against distance or time.
  • Color map, color mask, and contour diagrams.
  • Animate map view plots.
  • Export animations to make video clips.

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Need the power of Professional?

Upgrade your Standard or Essentials license to GWB 11 Professional for just the difference in price.