Using the GWB Forums

We are pleased to provide the GWB to university students at no cost. Due to the large number of GWB Student Edition users, however, we cannot provide phone, email, or forum support freely. Instead, we're providing a separate, community-supported Student Forum.

Paid GWB Support Forum

GWB Student Edition licensees can browse hundreds of discussion threads on our online paid forum. Licensees of GWB Professional, Standard, or Essentials can additionally post queries to the GWB support team and interact with the user community.

GWB Student Forum

Students can post new topics to the GWB Student Forum. Students and non-students alike can build a community knowlege base by responding to student queries. You can recognize the contributions of your peers by awarding badges for particularly helpful posts or responses. Here are a few examples:

Reaching milestones
We need your help to build a community of GWB Student Edition users. As you become a more experienced contributor, we'll acknowledge your participation by awarding milestone badges.

Posing insightful questions
Sure, you can try to get the GWB Student community to do your homework for you, but don't expect a badge for that. Our Question Master award is reserved for users who promote thoughtful discussions and post insightful questions.

Providing useful responses
Think you're a Smart Cookie? Prove it by helping your fellow GWB Student members understand geochemisty concepts, troubleshoot their models, or recommend useful literature references. In return, you just might be recognized by your peers for your valuable contribution to the geochemical community.